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Welcome to Property in Turkey, if you are reading this then you are looking for guidance in finding the right property for you and you have come to the right place! Here at Property in Turkey, we offer expert unbiased advice about properties throughout this wonderful country for sale. We have a wealth of first-hand knowledge to steer you in the right direction and as we work only with the leading developers and finest builders of Turkish properties, it gives you the utmost confidence that we will find the right property for you. Over time we have forged strong working relations with these developers and builders finding the best locations for you to invest in as a holiday home, investment or a permanent residence and we have hand-picked the very best properties to offer you.

The first question is which location are you looking for? Possibly a beach property with sea views would be your ideal? How about a city apartment so you are in the hub of everything, or maybe a place in the countryside with mountains views? We have a wonderful selection of apartments, duplexes, penthouses and villas for sale in all the prime locations of Turkey. Do you want off plan or key ready options, maybe buy a plot of land and design your own villa? We have carefully chosen along with our team of experts a super range of properties designed to offer you a luxury, stylish and comfortable lifestyle with the views that you crave for.

Tell us what you expect from a property whether it is location, affordability, amenities

and facilities, we will take on board your requests and our colleagues who are based in all the key areas of Turkey will set to work to find the very best for you. Whatever it is you want a property for maybe an investment, holiday home or permanent residence we will make your dream come true, we know what buyers want and we have a great selection at our fingertips and we can guide you to the right property which will give you superb rental potential with leaseback opportunities or capital appreciation prospects.

As they say location, location, location is crucial and once you know where you want to be we can set about arranging for you to view the perfect property. We know the most popular and upcoming locations in Turkey that are always in demand and we know some secret gems too. Beautiful apartments and villas dotted throughout coastal areas and the countryside offering idyllic views and the perfect retreat or a city pad in the heart of a vibrant city where the excitement is on your doorstep.

Your budget is important and we can recommend areas especially if your budget is a little tight, our portfolios are designed for you personally. Affordable properties will give you comfortable and modern designs close to amenities however if you want luxury and can push the boat out we have chic, plush villas with sea views and infinity pools and they will exceed your wildest dreams.

If you decide your property is an investment purchase then we need to evaluate the best location for you. A city apartment, especially in Istanbul, would make a great start to your investment portfolio; it’s now the “hot spot” for investors and tourists on holidays and weekend breaks. The Mediterranean coastline is home to some of the best beaches in the world and you can maximise the rental potential here during the whole of the summer season and beyond. Your holiday home gives you the flexibility to use your own property as you wish and rent out when you’re not using it.

Talk to us here at Property in Turkey, we can match your requirements and find you the ultimate property in your ideal location; we can guarantee your lifestyle will change for the better in more ways than one!When we think about buying a holiday home or making an investment abroad, Turkey usually springs to mind as a viable contender, why you ask? Because apart from endless hot summer days, warm balmy nights, cloudless blue skies, wonderful city escapes, the beautiful azure Aegean Sea, and soft sandy beaches and not forgetting the crystal clear blue Mediterranean Sea, property in Turkey offers a luxurious lifestyle at affordable prices. That’s not to say Turkey property is cheap! What it does give for example is fabulous Turkish property at great prices, whether you’re looking for an apartment in Istanbul or a villa in Bodrum possibly a duplex in Antalya, you really are spoilt for choice all you need to decide is do you want a city pad or a place on the Coast? There are miles upon miles of stunning coastline stretching from the Aegean across to the Mediterranean, panoramic vistas of coves and caves waiting to be explored and palm-fringed beaches where you can relax and bask in the eternal sunshine before taking a dip in the warm blue sea. Flora and fauna are in abundance with landscaped countryside flanked by majestic mountains, cities are vibrant and steeped in rich culture and historic architecture, they are just some of the reasons why property for sale in Turkey are high on everyone’s wish list.

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Property in Turkey

Fethiye is a favourite with its natural beauty it has retained its traditional harbour town charm and lies along the beautiful coastline; it’s not referred to as the “Turquoise Coast” for nothing. Istanbul is full of Eastern promise it’s a vibrant city which is a “hot spot” now for investors and holiday home buyers wanting to be in the hub of city life. Beautiful Bodrum has a wonderful marina expensive yachts are moored there and designer shops and trendy boutiques are plentiful. Cosmopolitan Antalya has something for everyone from golf courses, marinas and shops to die for it’s known as the “Turkish Riviera” With stylish property Turkey has something for everyone all tastes and budgets are catered for from studios, apartments, duplexes and villas the choice is yours. Increasingly we are seeing holiday home buyers searching for their own little piece of summer sun in Turkey, they no longer want a two week summer holiday each year, they seek extended holidays and long weekend breaks, we all aim for a better lifestyle because we work hard and want to enjoy our time off.

Investors began snapping up property in Turkey for sale many years ago because they could see it was a lucrative investment, with millions of visitors each year to all destinations across Turkey the rental potential is extremely healthy and they haven’t been disappointed. Now with more people than ever buying in Turkey it’s not only aiding the economy but giving the average holiday home buyer a beautiful holiday home and rental returns should they choose to rent their property out whilst not using themselves, helping them to recoup some of their initial investment? Once they bought property for sale Turkey it changed their lifestyle for the better, it also gives many options to the holiday home owner or investor it’s a possibility that on retirement the holiday home could become a permanent residence, the cost of living in Turkey is far more affordable than most European countries, for example, utility prices are much lower as are the annual rates, there are excellent hospitals and dental practices that are a fraction of the price you may pay at home, you don’t need to wait for months on end to see a specialist. There are many benefits to buying properties for sale in Turkey the list is endless so why not buy property in Turkey today I know you won’t regret it! Buying a car in Turkey is easy enough but most people don’t bother, there is the great, cheap and efficient service of the local bus called a Dolmus. They run frequently, don’t only stop for you at designated bus stops and will generally drop you off wherever you want on their route. Also is the national bus service which you can get to virtually any area in Turkey via this way, again cheap and reliable it’s a good way of sightseeing Turkey. International airports fly to all the major destinations in Turkey so hopping on a plane to your holiday home will be effortless. Transfers from the airport are quick and efficient either by shuttle bus, private car hire or taxi, some local buses are available too; most can be pre-booked from the comfort of your own home.

It’s also worth remembering that Turkey is not just famous for its fabulous beaches and clear blue seas but for its culture and heritage too. There are so many attractions to visit and the architecture is truly astounding. The Ottoman Empire was once a force to be reckoned with during the 15th and 16th Centuries and there are numerous museums and art galleries depicting Turkish history in its full glory. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul is a fine example of beautiful buildings which dominate the skyline, it’s known as the Blue Mosque due to the blue Iznik tiles which adorn its interior. Beautiful buildings are to be seen everywhere in Turkey so the history buffs won’t be disappointed.

Turkey is often referred to as “where east meets west” and this is very true, the cultures collide in a splendid fashion it’s both exotic and fairly European. Everywhere you visit you will see market stalls with fresh produce ranging from fresh fish especially in the harbour towns and villages, fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade cheeses, olives of course, varieties of nuts, locally produced virgin olive oil, so many fresh herbs and spices to fresh crusty bread some coated in sesame seeds and not forgetting super fresh honey still on the honeycomb. The diet in Turkey is very much Mediterranean style and the foods are delicious, shopping for your weekly groceries at the market is very affordable and you will be amazed at the costs.

Eating out in Turkey is a lovely experience, everything from traditional rustic cuisine to international favourites there is something for everyone. There are some fabulous locally produced beers and a vast array of crisp white wine, fruity rose and full bodied reds too, let’s not forget Raki it’s mostly drunk with fresh local fish, fresh crisp salads, olives and bread. To round off any Turkish meal is a dessert usually, baklava washed down with copious amounts of cay (tea) or traditional Turkish coffee served with fragrant local Turkish delight.

So to sum up, properties in Turkey offer a great investment, a holiday home and will give you a monthly income should you choose to rent your property out. Rentals are on the increase as most visitors prefer to rent an apartment or villa than stay in a cramped hotel room. They have more space, freedom of movement and privacy that a hotel room just doesn’t give you. The average rental returns can be anything from 6-9% and they are increasing, with a good rental management company they will look after your property on your behalf so you don’t have the headache of trying to do it yourself, they will also check your property when vacant to make sure all is well. Turkey really is a wonderful country the locals are warm and friendly and adore children so it’s ideal especially for families but also for couples and friends alike. Whether you want a quiet village by the beach or to be in the hustle and bustle of a busy city we can help you find your perfect holiday home or investment.

So what are you waiting for? You could be the proud owner of your very own holiday home in magical Turkey.

There are in fact many excellent reasons for buying a home in Turkey here are just a few:

A great investment – possibly you have a windfall or spare income you want to invest financially or possibly move over on a permanent basis. If you’re investing to rent out then you can expect to achieve very healthy rental returns.

Permanent living – many people move to Turkey lock stock and barrel and the Governments open market system invites buyers to register for Turkish residency. Recent Law changes now mean that permanent residency permit holders can move freely in and out of Turkey without restrictions; this is great news for avid travellers who like to jet off for months at a time.

Luxury living at great prices – compared to many other destinations the value of property here is very affordable and luxury apartments and villas are within most buyers budgets. Who doesn’t want to own a beautiful villa in its own grounds with a private pool?

The cost of living – even in the upmarket resorts or cities is remarkably lower than other countries around the globe that include council taxes and utility bills. The weekly food shop is not only pleasurable at the local weekly markets it’s inexpensive too.

Freehold properties – all property is freehold which means you own the property and the land which it is built on.

Inheritance tax – the good news is there isn’t any! This is actually very important as you can sign the property over to whomever you wish and there won’t be a tax payment incurred. In the UK, for example, it would cost you around 20%.

Flights – there are regular flights to all major destinations from International airports and most transfer times to your desired location are under one hour.

Easy to get around – the local bus service is wonderful, reliable and very cheap and they will stop wherever you ask along the bus route not just at bus stops. It means you don’t need to go to the expense of having a car unless you really want one.

300 days of sunshine – the climate here is fabulous with long hot summers and mild winters for most of the year you can live in flip flops!  Eating on your balcony or terrace becomes a way of life each and every day.

Culture and history – Turkey is home to some of the ancient wonders of the world and numerous world heritage sites. The Roman Empire and Ottoman Empire have left their mark for all to see and with art galleries, museums and magnificent cities such as Istanbul the history buffs will not be disappointed.

Delicious cuisine – whatever your tastes are you can find it all here, fresh local fish, mouth-watering stews of lamb, beef or chicken or if you’re vegetarian fresh fruit and vegetables are all on offer. Food is very important in Turkish culture and families are always seen around the dinner table taking their time eating and going over the events of the day and it’s surprising how you will adapt to this way of life too.

Entertainment – where to start with this? Bars, restaurants, beach clubs, yacht clubs, marinas, shopping, cinema, golf, tennis, horse riding, water sports.

The quality of life – this is such an important reason as it’s been well documented of the feeling of well-being living in the sun brings to you. Not only can you relax and enjoy your days in the sunshine, Turkey offers a slower pace of life, you don’t need to rush anywhere you can take your time. This can be a little frustrating at first to get to grips with but you will soon feel yourself being immersed into this culture and way of life. The added benefit of Vitamin D which your body produces when exposed to the sun makes you feel healthier and helps to prevent certain diseases. Adopting the Mediterranean diet eating fresh fruit, vegetables and virgin olive oil will help you shift those extra pounds along with gentle exercise and you will no doubt enjoy walking more.

See you in Turkey sometime it will be the best move you ever make and you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!