Altinkum Property

Why Altinkum?

Property in Altinkum is currently among the most popular in Turkey, and that is saying something. Altinkum is one of Turkey’s coastal resort towns, that has been built around the tourism sector and foreign demand for property, both of which have been growing rapidly in the past few years.

Because Altinkum is on the Aegean coast, property values are lower than in practically any destination in the Eurozone that can offer similar beaches and tourism infrastructure. It also has strong growth potential because of the growing tourism sector, and the Altinkum Marina, which is the largest Marina on the Adriatic.

The growing tourism, which gives Altinkum property the potential to earn a solid rental income to a yield of 4-6% and the capital growth potential, make it easy to recommend property in Altinkum as an investment. However, most people currently buying property in Turkey are buying mainly for lifestyle reasons, with investment of secondary consideration, and it is even easier to recommend Altinkum to this type of buyer.

The marina opening last year was representative of a focus by the government on making Turkey attractive to higher income individuals. As part of this aim developers, businesses and the government are currently engaged in turning many of Turkey’s tourist towns into the great cities — the Monaco’s and Monte Carlo’s — of the future.

Altinkum already had many sites and attractions complimenting its great beaches and year-round-warm climate, long before the glitz and glamour of the multi-million pound marina. The marina really put its intentions on the map, and now we can simply watch it grow. Given the current low cost of property, there is real potential for growth, adding this to its holiday appeal gives you a package that is very easy to recommend to holiday home investors.

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