Antalya Property

Property in Antalya is set to benefit from booming tourism over the coming years. Practically everything points to massive growth in the Antalya property and tourism sectors. Antalya is one of the cheapest destinations to holiday on the Mediterranean, has and is being developed into a resort town capable of competing with Europe’s established greats, and has one of Turkey’s most accessible airports.

Between now and 2014 as the citizens of Europe wrestle with a "rocky recovery" and austerity measures of varying severity (from severe to very severe), more and more people will look for lower cost destinations, highlighting those in Turkey, especially those as developed and accessible as Antalya.

Property in Antalya set for Growth

This potential for massively rising tourism will benefit property in Antalya in many ways including:

Rising tourism is known to increase sales of property, especially in places where prices are low, because the temptation is high to buy a holiday home in our favourite destinations.

Rising tourism is a further draw to property buyers because most buyers plan to rent out their properties, and increasing tourism is something to looking out for as a way of gauging rental potential.

Growing tourism will also lead to continued increases in accessibility to Antalya, as airlines work to meet the growing demand.

Antalya has many shops, including supermarkets and a wide-range of dining options from British style cafes to fine restaurants, as well as an already impressive and growing number of leisure activities to water parks and nature attractions to boat-trips and water-skiing. On top of that, with 300 days of sunshine per year, the Antalya season is long enough for property owners to make a strong rental yield and enjoy the property themselves.

In short: Antalya has bags of growth potential and is definitely worth watching.

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