Bodrum Property

Bodrum property is an investor’s, and holiday home investor’s dream. It has everything that investors, holiday home buyers and holiday home investors are looking for:

The most important thing to state perhaps is that Bodrum has its own international airport, which means that you can fly into a 20 minute radius of your holiday home in Bodrum. Quietly and unashamedly Bodrum airport has built up an impressive coverage, with especially heavy coverage from UK airports and many other European destinations.

The airport is of course a benefit to owners of holiday homes in Bodrum, because they don’t have far to travel before they can start relaxing. But what is a benefit to holiday home owners, is also a benefit to investors, because being close to an airport massively widens your rental pool.

People who have to travel miles to the airport they fly out from will only consider holiday accommodation within a few minutes of the airport they arrive at, and that is only one way that it extends the rental pool.

And of course the wider the rental pool, the higher the occupancy, and the higher the occupancy the higher the rental yield.

The Weather and Long Season are Definitely a Plus

The weather in Bodrum is most certainly another draw. Across the UK today there is plenty of cloud cover, meanwhile a webcam of Bodrum reveals the sun shining high bright and warm in the sky every day this week. In the UK we’ve even had rain this week (WC 09-08-2010), while in Bodrum they have had nothing but hot, dry, beautiful beach days.

The length of the season is definitely another factor in the appeal of property in Bodrum to holiday home buyers, holiday home investors and pure investors. The longer the season the more weeks you can rent out the property for or the longer you can holiday in it yourself. Many holiday home investors like to wait till low season to have their own use of the property, and finding a place that is warm in low season is a must for them.

Low Prices of Bodrum Property Highlight its Appeal

But the biggest draw of Bodrum property to most buyers is the low prices, and therefore the massive value for money on offer.

Property in Bodrum is not the cheapest in Turkey, but this is expected because of the airport. None the less you can buy a 2 bedroom luxury apartment near the beach in Bodrum for less that £60,000. Where else in Europe’s sun spots can you say that?

Of course, being a town built around its attractiveness to tourists, Bodrum has all the shops for those holiday essentials, as well as a wide variety of dining options from British style Cafe’s (greasy spoon’s if you like) to 5 star dining in a swanky restaraunt.

In short: the low prices make Bodrum attractive to those looking for an apartment or villa in that price range, which then allows them to find out about the wonderful place that Bodrum is, the potential rental income of Bodrum properties, and what wonderful holidays they can have in their own holiday home there.

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