Do I need a solicitor to buy property in Turkey?

Do I need a solicitor to buy property in Turkey?

The simple answer is no.  However, you are more likely to be subjected to scams and failed property purchases if you do not have good legal advice.

Solicitors cost around £1,000, but their value is priceless. Your solicitor will check that there are no outstanding charges against your prospective Turkish property and that the current owner is being fair and honest.

We can refer you to independent solicitors or if you prefer, you can find a list of qualified English-speaking professionals on the British Consulate website.

What does the solicitor do to help?

As little or as much as you want  – you might just want them to check the legal papers or you may want to give them full power of attorney rights to start and conclude the purchase process on your behalf.

The process of buying a property takes several weeks to months from start to completion. You probably won’t be in Turkey during the entire purchase process and your appointed solicitor will need to represent you in your absence, including signing documents and contracts. That means you will need to grant power of attorney to the solicitor so that they can legally represent you as the buyer of the property in Turkey.

If you opt for the full service pack, your solicitor should:

–          Check for a clean title, any charges against the title and proper ISKAN (habitation certificate)

–          Draft, finalise and sign the approved purchase contract on your behalf

–          Apply for necessary military clearance (buyer clearance) before the title can be registered in your name

–          Convert the title to your name and finalise your purchase at the local title deed office