Fethiye Property

Property in Fethiye is one of our top 3 recommended purchases, not only in Turkey but in the world.

Fethiye is a town on Turkey’s Aegean Coast. Having long-know that tourism would be a bringer of employment and a driver of economic growth in its coastal towns, the Turkish government has massively developed the towns to maximise their appeal to international tourists with massive amounts of investment.

As such Fethiye has everything you need for great holidays — shops for all your holiday needs, a wide range of dining options, and just 30 miles from a well served international airport, which means it is a great place to own a holiday home. The fact that tourism to Fethiye is growing also makes it ideal for investors and holiday home investors as do the low prices.

Because we are on the Aegean coast, Fethiye property prices are low, with 2 bedroom apartments 15 minutes from the sea available from just £51,000, and beachfront 1 bedroom apartments about the same.

Fethiye Property: The Knockout Punch

But Fethiye has an ace up its sleeve that sets it apart from its competition. Oddly, this thing is something that is not in or related to Fethiye in anyway. Intrigued?

It’s Olu Deniz, a coastal paradise with a blue lagoon and sheltered bay that are absolutely paradise on earth. Olu Deniz spans from the Taurus Mountains to the sea, and is so beautiful that this beauty is protected by the government. Thus finding property in Olu Deniz for sale is like finding hen’s teeth, whereas there is plenty of property for sale in Fethiye just 25 minutes away.

Dalaman is just 30 minutes from Fethiye and it is also a massively attractive place to tourists, with a wide array of shops, restaurants and leisure activities complimenting those found in Olu Deniz and Fethiye. Dalaman is also home to a well served international airport, which Fethiye tourists fly into.

Therefore Fethiye property is purchased by those who love Fethiye, those who love Olu Deniz and those who love all three places.