Houses for Sale in Turkey

If you are a foreigner, you would be forgiven for thinking that there are is no such thing as houses for sale in Turkey. This is because most international agents focus on Turkey as a holiday home destination, because, to be fair, that is what most buyers are looking for, and as part of this marketing, what could be called houses are often called villas.

That said, you have to distinguish between the two. If I am searching for houses for sale in the UK for example, then I am probably looking for something like a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 2 storey semi-detached house, or a resale property of some kind at the very least. But if I am looking to buy a house in Turkey, then I am much more likely to be looking for something new, and probably a villa is closer to my requirements than a resale house by western standards.

Another Difference: Turkish Houses are Cheaper

So with these distinctions in mind there are plenty of Turkish houses for sale. But there is one more difference between houses in the UK and houses in Turkey and that is the price. Three bedroom homes in Turkey are available for as little as £55k.

Spotblue actually has a very wide range of houses for sale, including refurbished and renovated country cottages, large houses with substantial grounds and private pools, something for everyone you could say.

Renting out Turkish Homes

A lot of people say that apartments in Turkey are better for renting out, and while it is true that the yield on apartments is more-often-than-not bigger, choosing a house gives you a much wider rental pool, which makes it easier to get a higher occupancy rate. This is because family holidays are by far the biggest growing business in the world of travel, and families like to have plenty of room to move in their holiday accommodation.

In fact, cottages are also experiencing a surge in popularity at the moment, and you will find many cottages for sale in Turkey, again though, you will be looking under the villas section on most websites.