Kas Property

Kas is one of Turkey’s undiscovered gems, known only to those in the know, those from Turkey, of Turkish descent or those who keenly look well off the beaten track for their holiday destinations.

Being 100 miles from the nearest airports (Dalaman and Antalya) will be looked upon as a downside for Kas property, but it actually makes it more attractive to those looking for a quiet destination. For those looking for a holiday home to spend more than a few weeks at a time in, travelling 100 miles from the airport is a small sacrifice for the quiet unspoilt beaches, and skies unpolluted by high rise or even medium-rise apartment blocks.

Thus, property in Kas is very popular with the more mature buyer. The market is very much tailored around this reality, and the fact that the holiday homes in the town will be occupied practically all year round. This is mutually beneficial, because the holiday home owners will always enjoy shops and restaurants open, and the local economy benefits from their spending.

Property for sale in Kas is primarily luxury villas and large apartments, and prices tend to seem higher than in other parts of Turkey, but they aren’t really higher on a per square meter basis.

For instance, Spot Blue have 2 bedroom apartments in the centre of Kas and walking distance from the beach for £64,000, but we also have 2 bedroom apartments 15 minutes from the sea at £75,000 in one development, and £139,000, because of the level of spaciousness and luxury on offer. One bedroom villas start from £157,500.