Residency in Turkey

Residency in Turkey

Unlike Dubai, Turkish residency is not automatic after buying a property there.

There are various important steps that must be taken if you want to become a Turkish resident. All foreign nationals, who are planning to live (and conduct business) in Turkey have to obtain a Turkish residence permit.   A residence permit has to be gained before applying for a work permit in Turkey.

How to obtain Turkish residence permit and residency in Turkey

If you want a long-term Turkish residence permit, you need:

  1. Your passport
  2. Four passport-sized photos of you
  3. A bank statement or other proof to show you have assets of at least $300 USD for each month you are planning to live in Turkey
  4. Photocopies of the pages in your passport that show your photo, the expiration date, and your last stamp entry

The long-term Turkish residence permit is typically valid for one year, but if you have come to Turkey as a citizen from an “A Group” country (what’s an A Group country – need to explain this), your permit may be valid for up to five years.  There is an application form, and you must take all of the above documents into a police station to be processed for approval.  The officer will collect your documents and application fees, then provide you with a date for you to return and collect your Turkish residence permit. They assume you already have a tourist visa and will be staying in Turkey. If you not in Turkey and are looking to get a Turkish residency permit, you should consult your embassy about the process.  Remember that your residence permit can only be extended four times.

How to become a permanent resident in Turkey  

You might wonder what happens after you have renewed your Turkish residence permit four times…

To be classified as a permanent resident in Turkey, you must live in Turkey continuously for five years without leaving the country for more than six months in any one year during this time.

If you can establish that you have been living in Turkey on a full time basis for the last five years (covered by extensions on your residence permit in Turkey), then you can apply for permanent residency in Turkey.

You must be able to prove that you can support yourself financially, not be afflicted with an illness that can potentially cause harm to the public, and be of adult age in your home country. Alternatively, if you have been married to a Turkish national for three or more years, you can obtain permanent resident status.

Failing to complete each step within the required time frame can result in you being denied the right to work and live in Turkey. So, make sure you pay attention to the most current policies and information.