Side Property Turkey

Side — pronounced Seeday — is a former fishing village on Turkey’s south Mediterranean coastline, famous for its history of independence and prosperity dating back to Alexander the Great. Now Side is a tourist town, which strikes the balance of modern life, the need for shops, bars and restaurants, with the need of many for peace, quiet and ability to see the stars in the night sky, free of light pollution and tall structures.

As a result property in Side is very popular with those seeking this kind of place, for whom it offers a very attractive package.

On top of the aforementioned necessary shops and restaurants, the harbour is absolutely gorgeous, the climate is hot and dry (including 300 days of sunshine per year), the beaches are clean (white sand, warm water) and not overcrowded, there are plenty of sites to see, activities to enjoy and property prices are as low as Turkey is famous for.

Another Great Thing About Property in Side…

Another great thing about Side is the views. The town slopes upward away from the coast and harbour, so many of the restaurants offer spectacular views out across the harbour and ocean.

Another big plus for property in Side is the availability of luxury property at low prices. People looking for property on the budget of those looking in Turkey, tend not to be looking for anything too spectacular. We have many high luxury 2 bedroom apartments, in top resorts with great communal pools from under £70,000. The perfect holiday apartments in Side, and many offering guaranteed rental yields of 6%.