Tips for Turkish property inspection trips


We offer inspection trips to our clients once we have built up a good relationship, and have suitably assessed exactly what you’re looking for within your budgetary constraints.

How do we book your Turkey property inspection trip?

We discuss suitable dates, times and most convenient airports for you. Once your flights are booked, then our Spot Blue contacts in Turkey will schedule any airport transfers and suggest hotel accommodation close to the properties.

Costs and attendees

Turkey property inspection trips cost around £199 per person.

What happens on the inspection trip?

It is important to see the areas you’re thinking of buying in, as well as the properties. You need to experience the area’s beauty spots, landscape, social and cultural framework.

In order to be able to make an informed decision, you should see enough properties to give you a broad spectrum and reaffirm that what you initially wanted is indeed what you’d like to end up having.

You’ve seen a property you like – now what?

If you find your ideal property, Spot Blue will reserve it for you and help you find a solicitor to provide the legal side of things.

You can’t find a property you like – now what?

Don’t worry – there is no obligation. When you return home, we will contact you to find out how you would like to proceed. We can either look at a different area in Turkey or leave it until you are ready to have another go at it.