Villas for Sale in Turkey

Villas for sale in Turkey are incredible. Forgive the superlative as it may seem excessive; to illustrate the magnificence of Turkish villas, let’s take a look at one page worth of villas for sale on the Spot Blue website.

We have FET167, a beach villa in Calis. Where else could you buy a 3 bedroom luxury villa, walking distance from the sea, 45 minutes from the airport, and with private pool and gardens for just £112,900?

Ah, but that is off plan you say. Okay then, what about a resale villa to the same specs (3 bedroom, private pool and gardens, walking distance from the sea) and also in Calis 45 minutes from the airport for £130,000. With this one you can see the images and know how gorgeous this villa really is — no imagination necessary.

And, knowing that you can get such quality and value at that price level, imagine what villas in Turkey those on a bigger budget can buy.

Nah, we’ll tell you.

The Kalkan Bay View villa may be 90 minutes from the airport, but those paying £425,000 for a holiday villa can afford to spend a lot of time there, making that almost irrelevant, especially when you look at the trade off. 3 bedrooms, private gardens, an infinity pool overlooking the sea, which is walking distance from the villa, and a master bedroom with sea view terrace.

At the top end of the scale, you can buy the kind of mansion any a-lister would be proud of, complete with cinema, sauna, gym, indoor and outdoor infinity pool and ultimate luxury throughout for just £5million. Yes, £5 million is a lot but properties like this sell for much more in the likes of the US and such.