Villas for Sale in Turkey

Villas for sale in Turkey

We all have a wish list and most of us wish to buy a villa somewhere in the blistering heat of the Turkish sunshine. What I can tell you is villas for sale in Turkey are incredible value for money. Forgive the superlative as it may seem excessive; to illustrate the magnificence of Turkish villas all you really need to do is take a look at what your hard earned money can buy for you and your family. It doesn’t matter where you buy your villa whether it’s in Kalkan, Bodrum or Fethiye you will be buying not only a beautiful property you will be making a superb lifestyle choice. Even the most affordable villas offer luxury with beautiful views of the Turkish coastline which boasts miles of stunning crystal azure waters, fine golden sand and breathtaking sunsets. There are so many things to say about villas in Turkey that it is hard to know where to begin. Turkey is one of the top choices for British holidays, and for British property purchases, in fact according to leading data Brits have made 30% of all foreign purchases in Turkey, making them the dominant buyer group. However in recent years foreigners especially from the Middle East have begun snapping up properties in Turkey to use as second homes or as a rental investment, the current interest for villas is in hot demand.

However, in recent months, and very much by the design of the Turkish tourism authorities the luxury segment is starting to take off, and the number of foreigners buying Turkish villas as oppose to apartments has grown considerably. It makes sense, for a little more money you get all that extra space, privacy and let’s face it luxury. It’s a true to say that some holiday makers love a bargain but, more and more holiday makers don’t want the all inclusive deals, it’s the same food day after day and it all gets a bit boring. When you own your own villa you have the choice do what you want, do you eat in or eat out? There is nothing better than al fresco dining we love it, whether it’s a sumptuous meal or simply a barbeque it’s a treat to enjoy balmy evenings on your own terrace or balcony. A villa gives you space and comfort, it could be extended families, or groups of friends, and it offers relaxing days and the freedom to do exactly what you want with your property and surrounding area.

Your budget depends on what you can afford obviously; and the prices vary accordingly. Villas in Turkey are dotted throughout this lovely country. Favourite resorts are Fethiye, Kalkan and Bodrum with some wonderful properties currently for sale. There are villas and houses starting at 2 bedrooms, some are on complexes so if you want to be sociable with other owners then this could be the option for you. If your budget is a little tight then this is a great option. There is usually a communal pool which is great as the costs for upkeep are shared by all owners; there is also the possibility of other facilities on the complex. You will find that the majority of properties are usually close by to amenities, shops, banks, local markets restaurants, cafes and bars are just a short walk, drive or Dolmus ride away. (A Dolmus is a bus in Turkish; they are very frequent and cost buttons). If you’re looking for something more private there are many villas with a private pool and a large garden area, or if you prefer a sunbathing terrace and maybe a barbeque and seating area. Whatever it is you’re looking for it is available.

Ideally you need to look at all the options available to you. A villa or house for sale in Turkey can not only provide you with multiple holidays but long weekend breaks and you can let your family and friends make use of it too. You can have all this and not to mention the rental potential, that can give you a great return especially during the long summer months. Villas and houses in Turkey have never been more affordable, another thought, that one day it could potentially be your permanent home, possibly retire too? Beautiful villas are waiting for you now.

Owning a property in Turkey means less than a 4 hour flight form the UK, yes a little longer than most European countries however the benefits are worth it but at least you don’t have to fly long haul. All the resorts are close to international airports making transfers around 1 hour or often less. To reach your resort is via shuttle transfer, private car hire, taxi or bus, all made very easy, you can pre book online if you wish. The favourite resorts are Bodrum, Dalaman, Antalya and Fethiye but in all honesty most resorts along the south coast of Turkey are in demand.

One of the best thing about villas is that they are more affordable now then ever before. Right now Turkey is one of the hottest emerging markets in Europe, meaning that the low prices of Turkish property not only represent great value for money, but also undervalued property. Research by the Global Property Guide found that Turkey property is indeed undervalued, which means prices are lower than rental costs over a year.

Owners of villas or houses in the country benefit from the massively strong tourism market, and regularly earn yields of between 6-9%. At the same time the population of Turkey is growing almost as rapidly in affluence as it is in numbers. Shrewd investors bought when Turkey first opened their doors to foreigners buying property, this does not mean you have missed the boat. In the past few years building designs have improved and the quality and layout is more attractive and offers stunning affordable villas. If you want to treat yourself beautiful luxury villas are currently for sale, ensuring an excellent lifestyle choice.